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Hollaback! wants to work with you—as a leader of our community—to hold street harassers accountable. One way to get involved is by supporting the work we do with a donation. (I know you already want to stop reading here, but please continue!)

As a volunteer organization, we ourselves foot all costs of travel and materials that it takes to sustain a movement. As we are a small grassroots organization, it doesn’t take much; we work out of our homes and local coffee shops (shout-out to good ole Mars Cafe!), and we basically only need access to the Internet to exist. BUT! To build a real revolution takes more — real on-the-ground activism and a little cash. We do a pretty good job our pooling creative resources to keep costs low, but we’re currently limited by financial constraints and are asking for your support. Your support sustains the movement to end street harassment, and a little goes a long way. Here is what every donation creates right here in our community:

  • WORKSHOPS. In the past two years, we have delivered six dynamic workshops for community partners throughout Des Moines, Altoona, Grinnell, and Ames. Donations would allow us to travel farther, travel more often, and thus provide support to the entire state of Iowa through these presentations—particularly in rural communities where LGBT folks are so often isolated. In addition, this summer Site Director Becca Lee is traveling to the first-ever HOLLA: REVOLUTION conference and retreat in New York City, July 25-29, to meet with Hollaback! leaders from around the world. Your generous support lessens the personal burden on our volunteers to finance these important collaborations!
  • TABLING. Part of our work includes disseminating information and resources at community events. Since 2011, we have held booths at three large events – Drake University presents The Vagina Monologues, the Iowa Pride Network Pride Conference, and Take Back the Night. We have made many contacts through these booths, but as of now, we are limited to events that do not charge us a tabling fee. Donations allow us to book tables at more events — including Capital City Pride, June 8-9 – and also to produce more signage, resource materials, and giveaways for those booths: pins, buttons, wristbands, shirts, pamphlets, etc.
  • ACTIVIST EVENTS. We also host our own events, which have thus far included happy hour, a dance party, flash mob, and chalk walk. We always ask local businesses to host us free of charge, and we use our creativity to keep costs as low as possible—but we’d always like to do a bit more! Your generous donations let us do more for YOU! Think film screenings, rallies, lobby days…the possibilities are endless!
  • PUBLIC CAMPAIGNS. Our sister site in Philadelphia, PA recently raised enough money to launch a Public Service Campaign on their transit authority AND to produce an anti-harassment comic book. In Des Moines, we don’t yet have a campaign underway — but we could! Every donation brings us one step closer to putting anti-harassment ads on our DART buses and throughout the city.

We hope you will consider lending your support to make our streets and public spaces safe for all people. Donations can be made through our online platform. Note: To make sure your donation goes specifically to the work we do in Des Moines, please write Des Moines in the dedication field. Thank you so much for all you do!


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