Pi Kappa Alpha raises $392 to end street harassment!

by Becca Lee

Last week, I was fortunate to collaborate with the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at Drake University, who raised money for Hollaback! during their philanthropy week! The week was called, “Shatter the Silence: Sexual Harassment Week,” and shatter the silence they did by:

  • Selling “Hands and Words Are Not for Hurting” wristbands for $2
  • Screening a compilation of documentary clips on masculinity, misogyny, and sexual harassment culture
  • Featuring Hollaback! (yours truly) in a keynote speech
  • Chalking up campus sidewalks with anti-harassment messages!

In total, they raised $392 to donate to Hollaback! WHOO HOO! But what is more, during the week I had an opportunity to talk at length with the fraternity members about what it means to be a male ally and a good bystander in the fight against street harassment. Truly inspiring to see a group of dedicated young men taking accountability for their own attitudes and being willing to engage other men in discussions of harassment/violence against women. Rock on, PIKEs!


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