#CatsAgainstCatcalling: ALL of the cats!

Jess is the resident crazy cat-lady of the Hollaback! Des Moines team. 

So we’ve all heard of Cats Against Catcalling, right? No? THEY’RE AMAZING AND I WANT TO HUG WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA. I love feminism. I also love cats. This is like when someone first put cheese on pasta. It was heaven. So I decided to round up my favorite cats + anti-street harassment pictures to share with you (some from CAC, some from elsewhere on the interwebs).  Enjoy, Feminist Cat Ladies (And Men!)
























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Eat Like a Badass: Lauren’s Kick Ass Fajitas!

Welcome to Lauren’s Kick Ass Cooking series! During this series, we will provide tasty but funny recipes. Please enjoy this unique take on cooking and know that in the end this is all for enjoyment.

Kick Ass Fajitas

(‘Cause every badass needs to have a bomb ass fajita recipe that you can enjoy after you have saved the world from misogynistic assholes.)


  • 2 pounds of beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • 2 tbsp. oil (your personal choice)
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 orange pepper
  • 1 package of fajita season (depends on your taste)
  • 1 package of flour tortillas
  • Salsa
  • Sour cream
  • Any additional fixings (lettuce, avocado, corn, jalapeño peppers, onions & etc)


1. Take whatever meat you decide to use or use tofu if you would like. Honestly this is your dinner, who the hell am I to dictate what you use. However, you want to make sure that you cut your meat or tofu in even pieces. I cut my meat in slices or I would cube my tofu. I make my slices a 1⁄2 inch thick. However cut those mofos however you want.

2. Now take all of those wonderful vegetables and think of that dumb ass who believes that honking a horn is legitimate way to get your attention. Whatever happened to just saying hi to people? Grab the biggest knife you have because all badasses have badass knives. It is time to get to slicing. So you get to slice all those tasty vegetables for your amazing fajitas.

3. Now it is time to play with fire!!! If you can’t stand the heat, then get the hell out of the kitchen.

4. Grab the largest skillet that you can find and pour the 2 tablespoons of oil on the pan and turn your stove top on medium high and wait a few minutes. The oil needs to get nice and hot.

5. I’m a lazy badass, so I will add my vegetables to the skillet and let them cook for 5-8 minutes.

6. Then I will add my meat because that is how I roll and I cook my food how I want.

7. Now you can add the fajita seasoning with water

8. Or I say fuck that seasoning! I personally don’t use fajita seasoning and just add a seasoning blend of my choice (onion power, garlic power, pepper, salt & chili peppers).

9. I make sure my meat is cooked and my veggies are soft and bam I’m done.

10. Now bump society standards and it is time to dig in. I grab my store bought tortillas, put my meat and veggies on top, add all the toppings a woman could dream of and take a huge bite and think that this is how every day should end: a badass meal, with some badass libations, hanging out with my badass friends.


Like what Lauren is cooking up? Tell her about it in the comments!

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“Catcalling is not a fucking compliment.”

Let’s talk about how catalling is trivialized, ok?

I recently had a conversation (one which I’m sure every woman has had) trying to explain that catcalling is NOT A FUCKING COMPLIMENT. Yes, a man shouting things at me isn’t particularly a hanging offence, but what many people don’t realize is that street harassment is on a spectrum of violence, violence that often targets women and LGBTQ folks in particular. It’s so common and so easy for harassers to cross from street harassment to physical and sexual violence.

To explain, check out this infographic that I stole from not-me.org. It explains things pretty well.



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Stories, Verbal Harassment

Lacie’s Story: “He said he would love to watch me breast feed.”

A fella said he would “love to watch me breast feed!” KCCI removed his comment and made their own. And I think that was awesome.


I've got your back!

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Stories, Verbal Harassment

Quinn’s story: “They called me a bitch and slut for ignoring their ‘compliments.’”

A few weeks ago, I was walking to Drake University’s campus for a high school graduation ceremony I was attending. I exited my apartment building and began the walk to campus. As I walked down the alley behind my building, a car approached from behind. I quickly crossed the alley to a field of grass to cut across so that the car could pass.

As I began to walk across the field, the car stopped and the men and women in the car began verbally harassing me. I could hear their laughter through their words as they called me a “sexy ass white girl” and “complimented” my shorts and commenting on the size of my butt. It was humiliating, and terrifying.

I continued walking while their words being thrown at me, and not once did I turn to look at them. As I put my head down and pretended to be playing on my phone (as I have been trained to do as a young woman in this society), they began to call me a bitch and slut for ignoring their “compliments.” After what seemed like an eternity, the car continued driving down the alley as they continued to laugh and honk their car horn.

It’s been a few weeks since this incident, but I am still thinking about the fear and true panic I felt that day. While this was not the first time I experienced street harassment, this was the first time that an experience like this truly affected me and continuously makes me fear leaving my apartment building alone.

I've got your back!

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Gear for the Revolution!

Jess is your personal shopper in the fight against street harassment. Get more of her revolutionary fashion tips at hollabackdesmoines.tumblr.com!

Do you like shopping? Do you hate street harassment? Well, have I got some clothes for you…


image001$16 on Etsy





$12 on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/PussyDivision


$20 HERE: http://stoptellingwomentosmile.bigcartel.com/product/stop-telling-women-to-smile-tee


$22 HERE:  http://stoptellingwomentosmile.bigcartel.com/product/is-not-my-name-tee



$27 here: http://www.lookhuman.com/design/34366-run-like-theres-a-nice-guy-in-a-fedora-behind-you


$25 Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/125245591/large-dont-tell-me-to-smile-anti-street?ref=shop_home_active_1


$34 Here: http://www.zazzle.com/seriously_shut_up_t_shirts-235500598005106920



$39 http://www.zazzle.com/stop_strange_men_from_talking_to_you_t_shirt-235873245901462380

image011 If you’re a button kind of gal: $2.20  http://www.zazzle.com/street+harassment+gifts


Finally, a shameless plug for the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault (where I work). We’ve got some amazing kick-ass shirts right now!

Email me at communications@iowacasa.org if interested!

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Stories, Verbal Harassment

“I can’t go a block to get a soda at the gas station.”

Untitled “Do you ever hate being a woman?” That’s the question I asked my officemates after I got back from walking to go get a soda one afternoon at work. “No, why?” they asked. Why do I sometimes hate being a woman? Because I can’t go a block to get a soda at the gas station without being catcalled. Without being objectified and demeaned. Without being fearful of my safety. And I know it sounds stupid and wimpy and girly to some men when I say I fear for my safety. They say, “But really, it’s Merle Hay Rd. on a Friday afternoon, and you’re wearing jeans and a blouse. Do you really think something would happen to you?” My answer to these men? Yes. Because catcalling isn’t about flattery, it’s about a man displaying his power over you. And yea, that fucking scares me.  

I've got your back!

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Verbal Harassment

HOLLA On the Go: Becca

It’s one of those nights when I’m walking past the bars with a friend and all is fine until there’s a group of men standing outside one of them. I have to pass them, and it can go 1 of 3 ways: they can say something neutral, like hello (acceptable), say nothing at all (my personal preference), or they can wait until you’re just in earshot and grunt like a fucking buffalo suddenly incapable of speech (fucking disgusting). Chalk another one for option #3. Dumb assholes.


I've got your back!

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